Keeping the web alive, one website at a time.

We’re a company dedicated to keep you, and your customers safe from the bad guys. We’ll look after code errors, security updates, software updates, backups and more. You can rest easy knowing we’re looking out for you 24/7.


Your brand has an online presence. But how do you ensure 99% uptime and security? Juggling the running of the business, and maintaining your website can be a bit of a tough nut – which is why we started Debug Hunters – a company en suite with everything you need to keep your website always available, while you focus on the most important things – closing leads and sales.

We’re offering code debugging, website security, software updates and backups. If there’s a downtime, we’ll rectify it. If there’s an update, we’ll make sure it goes on smoothly without breaking your site. If there’s a break in, we’ll try and get back your back as quickly as possible. And, if you ever lose the copy of your website or files, don’t fret – our backup system will take care of it and restore your website from saved image files in the cloud. With Debug Hunters, all you gotta do is focus on running your business, while we take care of your website (or your money making machine)!

Debug Hunters is the brainchild of Precious and Chidozie, two enterprising young dudes who are looking to make a change.

The Team

The amazing team at Debug Hunters that keep your websites and applications alive.

Precious Opusunju

Founder, DebugHunters

Precious is the founder of Debug Hunters. He is a senior software engineer with over 10 years of experience building, maintaining and security web applications, servers and infrastructures. Precious possess the skills of a web developer, a cyber security researcher (bug bounty hunter) and that of an all round entertaining and joyful person.

Chidozie Chima

Co-Founder, DebugHunters

Chidozie co-founded Debug Hunters with Precious. He is a WordPress expert, handling all frontend and backend areas of WordPress customization and security. He has 5 years of developing WordPress under his belt, extensive knowledge of graphics design, plus an excellent command of CSS.

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