Vulnerability & Patch Management
Stay one step ahead.

We offer of state-of-the-art vulnerability patching services that keeps your systems fully equipped with the latest data protection mechanisms against phishing, malware, DDoS attacks, etc.

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Understand exactly where you are vulnerable to attack — and have it fixed, ASAP.

Cybercriminals exploit unpatched vulnerabilities in systems and
web applications. Keep all your apps up to date with the
latest software and security patches.

Full assessment.

Debug Hunters will provide you with a full vulnerability assessment of all apps you’re running, and the status of each, so you always know what needs to be done to keep your business safe. You’ll get enterprise-grade service — vulnerability detection and prioritization, installing new patches and updates, testing and distribution, result monitoring and reporting.

Faster risk mitigation.

Our automated software automatically scans your websites and applications, ascertains whether updates are required and which vulnerabilities need to be patched. The detected vulnerabilities are automatically prioritized, then the most critical patches are applied first and the most important updates deployed with priority.

Save time and money.

It is more affordable to perform regular website vulnerability patching and patch management, than it is to pay the price of data loss, downtime, hacking and malicious code injection. Then there’s the biggest risk of them all — having your brand image ruined. You don’t want that. Contact us today and stay one step ahead of the bad guys!

Enterprise-grade vulnerability & patch management tailored for you

Rapid remediation.

Our automated software shortens time-to-remediation by quickly discovering new vulnerabilities and required patches, then deploying them immediately — all done automatically. Sometimes a human eye is required to look things over, and we’ll be ready to do just that.

Zero blindspots.

Our automated software regularly checks for which patches have been released, their severity, and if vulnerabilities are being exploited. We prioritize the patches/vulnerabilities with critical levels of risk to your business and eliminate such blind spots.

Patch everything.

Patch all devices, anywhere. Whether they’re behind the firewall, on the road, at remote sites, or even asleep. With cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, and Linux, see and remediate all endpoint vulnerabilities inside and roaming devices outside your network.

We've got your back.

Fully serviced end-to-end vulnerability and patch service. Made for you.

All the vulnerability & patch management you need. Starting $49.99/mo.