Secure website backups.
Restore without stress.

Never lose your precious project! With our backup services, you always have a fresh backup in the cloud, restored whenever you need it.

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Worry about data loss? Not anymore.

Servers crash. Malware makes the rounds. Hackers try to pry their way in. Website Backup keeps your data safe.


No more manual backups, that’s all taken care of automatically. Let us handle keeping your website secure, while you just focus on building your business.


Rest easy knowing your site information and your reputation are safe. Hackers don’t stand a chance against continuous security monitoring — and secure backups in the cloud.


Site monitoring, malware scanning and backups start as soon as you subscribe to our plans. And if unexpected data loss or damage does occur, you can restore your website to a fully functional state with one click.

Powerful features to give you peace of mind.

Automatic backup to a secure cloud

Every file, folder and database in your site is always safe, protected and available. Our website backup works with any hosting provider, and getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.

Protection from hacks & intrusions

Built-in daily malware scans and monitoring services keep unsavory outsiders from getting near your valuable data. And daily backups store malware-free copies of your files for safekeeping.

Safeguard against system failure

Cloud backup is your offsite safety net against server crashes. Should a crash occur, you can quickly restore any lost or damaged files with no disruption to your business, blog or social site.

We've got your back.

Our website backup service safeguards your website,
while you grow your business online.

10 GB secure storage. $3.99/mo billed annually.